Mrs Arsenic

Hi I enjoy playing pc games. I’ve played computer games since I was about 14, starting out on my beloved zx spectrum 48k.

What games do you play: Flight Simulator, American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator, H1Z1, Sims 4, Farming Sim 2017, Cities Sylines, prison architect along with various other simulators and I love to play horror games.

Can I play with you?:
I often play multiplayer games with viewers on a Friday when discord voice chat is open to all regulars. !discord in chat

About Me Are you married? Yes

What is your name? Since playing Runescape I’ve gone by Sarah but my actual name is Karen (but call me Sarah in chat as it gets too complicated for new people who don’t bother reading this information)

Do you have children? Yes I have two teenage boys 16 & 18. (Jack prefers xboxone and Luke prefers PC – Luke sometimes streams ) Luke is often featured on stream with me.

How old are you? It’s not really polite to ask a woman her age but if you really want to know! I am 44!

How long have you been streaming:
Since 2 January 2015.



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