9 of the best ways to pass time in the airport

Written by on 06/08/2017

9 of the best ways to pass time in the airport

These will help time ‘fly’


Waiting for your flight at an airport can be the worst part of your holiday, so we have put together the best ways to keep yourself entertained.

1. Treat Yourself

Most airports in the UK now have beauty rooms and massage chairs, so sit back, relax and pamper yourself whilst you wait for your boarding call.

2. Shop till you drop

Everyone loves a duty free shop at the airport, so whether you’re just browsing or buying it’s the perfect way to pass time.

3. Guess the traveller

We love a bit of people watching so why not make a game of it and match the traveller to their chosen destination.

4. Try the local delicacies

We all know aeroplane food isn’t up to much, so pig out at one of the airport restaurants before boarding.

5. Plane spotting

Don’t worry we don’t mean you have to get the binoculars out and jot down plane numbers, but you’ll be surprised at how fun watching your planes land and take-off really can be.

6. Make use of the freebies

Enjoy samples galore at the airport! Perfume, alcohol or make-up, they love giving us free stuff so go and get them!

7. VIP Lounge

Splash out and attend the VIP lounge. With free drinks, food and luxury seats this is the place to be.

8. Catch up on your favourite TV series

Find a comfy chair and sit back to catch up on your favourite TV series on your device.

9. Listen To RichieDOfficial

It’s amazing how fast time can ‘fly’ when you’re locked to RichieDOfficial.


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