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Written by on 18/08/2017

I’ve found that going out for a cup of coffee is the ultimate first-date out there and here’s why…

By, RichieD – Writer for

First dates can be tricky but they can also be fun and filled with possibility and we want to help you charter these increasingly choppy waters, like somewhat of an unofficial best friend.

So, what the best first date? Well, coffee, of course! I’ve found that going out for a cup of coffee is the ultimate first-date out there.

The reason? Plenty and not one of them is romantic I’m afraid, because first dates aren’t about romance. Instead, in an age where singles meet either online or through a dating app, first dates are more about a connection and finding out if you have one. Essentially, a first date has become a prelude to the more romantic, second date.

So if you’re ever stumped on where to go I suggest you grab a coffee. Here are nine reasons why…

1. It’s Inexpensive Even a coffee shop in convent garden will – probably – cost you less than a trip to the cinema to sit in silence and pretend to like sweet popcorn, or a game of bowling only to find your date is incredibly overly competitive and can’t remember your name. A first date, while they can be fun, should be low investment – literally. So, being smart about all this, it makes sense to consider that a low-investment date requires a low monetary value.

2. You Can Tell A Lot About A Person From Their Coffee Order How do they speak to the barista? Do they request their beverage be “extra hot” or have a certain milk preference, or low fat? Do they not drink coffee at all? A coffee order says a lot about a person’s personality, and by the time they order, you can at least tell a little about them. Ps. An extra-large custard cream is always a positive ;)*


3. Perfect Conversation You’re sitting at a small table with nothing but very two hot beverages between you – what else is there to do than chat? Nothing. Perfect. Use the opportunity to get to know this stranger a little better.


4. You Won’t Get Drunk Is drunk you too honest? An over-sharer? A dancer? Does drunk you say things you don’t really mean or do things you don’t want to do? Coffee VS cocktails, coffee every time! Instead of ending the night telling them everything there is to know about your no good ex you can leave feeling energised, happy and have a spring in your step at the possibility of something new.


5. It’s Easy To Get Out He’s boring? Too tall? Too short? Not what you had in mind? No problem, a coffee doesn’t take too long to consume (you can always order a small if it’s that bad), finish the coffee, let them know you’re all done, and get out of there!


6. Coffee Goodness “Coffee cures many ailments” according to a study from New York University. Participants – a whole 430,000 of them – found that adding just two cups of coffee to your diet results in a 44% lower risk of cirrhosis, an incurable liver disease which is usually the result of drinking too much booze (see point 4). So by grabbing coffee, no matter how bad your date you’ll sip soundly knowing you’re helping stay healthy.


7. Casual Heals? Lipstick? ID? No. No. No. Coffee is casual, I’m not saying look like a slob but there really is no need to dress up. You can just head over to the coffee shop pre-or-post work and grab a coffee. If it’s cold outside, order something warm and sit back and relax. If it’s warm, head out on the patio with an ice coffee. Easy peasy.


8. There’s Great People Watching Whether you go to a local shop, a chain, or one that has chairs stuck to the wall, you’re bound to do see some characters. I love people watching.


9. You’re a VIP See number 7 because unlike bars or restaurants, coffee dates can happen at any time of day. You can do it before work, after work or during lunch if you’re both close by (ahh the joy of the location feature).


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