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Move over unicorns, now there’s a mermaid frappuccino at Starbucks

They just keep coming

Last week we revealed that coffee chain Starbucks was releasing a special Unicorn Frappuccino, sadly it was only for the other side of the pond and for a limited time only.

Now, hot on the heels of the unicorn variant there is now apparently a mermaid frappe that is taking coffee-drinkers by storm.

This time it is the work of an experimental barista who ‘discovered’ it when the ingredients for a unicorn frappe ran out.

Described as Starbucks’ Pokémon GO Frappuccino without raspberry syrup, this new drink already has a lot of people talking about it.

The barista who posted it on Instagram said it was ‘drizzled with a toasted coconut matcha sauce!’

Sounds delish!

Fans of the drink have already posted photos of their purchase saying ‘it’s awesome’, calling

for Starbucks to add it to their menu.

At present there’s no word as to whether it will be added to the menu, but if you ask your

barista nicely they might make one for you.

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